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Supreme Wellbeing Starter Package

Supreme Wellbeing Starter Package

(1) 8oz. jar of Grenadian Sea Moss

(2) 4oz. bars of Hempseed Oil Soap

Plant-base OACE Smoothie Recipes, Vol. 1 (eBook)


With the Supreme Wellbeing Starter package, you receive the required products necessary to begin your wellness journey. This package includes one 8oz. jar of Sea Moss Gel packed with essential vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system, increase your energy and promote healthy digestion; two bars of Hempseed Sea Moss Soap made with natural oils to cleanse and moisturize your body and hair; and lastly, the “Plant-base Oace Smoothie Recipes, Vol. 1” eBook that comes with seven easy and unique smoothie recipes to ensure quality superfoods intake along with the incorporation of sea moss.


Vegan-Friendly / Made in USA

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