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"In The San" by Oace AL Mansur

"In The San" by Oace AL Mansur

In Oace AL Mansur's “In The San” the evils of oppression from the Island of Haiti and beyond get shown through a soldier’s eyes. From the Haitian revolution all the way to the hidden history of the Gullah wars, commonly known as the Seminole wars, we find an ex slave warrior’s journey in a fight for freedom. During a time when America was coming into its own, Abram fought in the greatest and most successful slave rebellion in history, only to find himself in a distant land across the Atlantic, where the grips of slavery were so tight he had to find new allies and develop new ways of resistance. Come experience how revolution defined a man, not just in war but with his eternal battles with regret, disloyalty, paranoia, and post-traumatic stress. A soldier’s story must be revealed and appreciated for the resilient stance against an enemy that would stop at nothing to enslave his people forever.

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