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Updated: Jan 13

The world economic forum has predicted us (America) eating less meat going into the future. why do you think this is? High demand? Not enough animals to feed the fast food chains? Is The eco system suffering to much? I feel my purpose is futuristic, I can’t say I have fully visualized the end of my journey but I have embraced the process. Fall in love with the process!

How often do we hear that things are going to get worst. Everyday right?- and a part of that is fear. The other part is real world experiences. As the populations grow- of course food would be in more demand - there's more people to be fed - common sense you would think but for most of us it just is NOT. Out of normalcy and habit you will see people eat just because. Spend unnecessary money on food that ends up in the trash anyway. Though I can't say I never did it- I always felt bad about doing it. Feeling like I am literally throwing my dollars in to the trash just got under my skin. Why? I just felt as though I was too intelligent and too empowered to not take my health, how I eat, what I eat, and how often I eat into consideration of others as a whole. This burning sesation to do better (and save money) is why we're here now. Supreme Wellbeing, LLC, not just being a place to get products but also a place for knowledge.

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