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I love Sea moss

Since I began my journey I have always loved Sea Moss. Once I truly did my research and figured out how valuable the source of nutrients within it can be for not only my eating habits but it also is good for the blood, the bones, the brain, I mean literally everything.

I could go on and on and rave about sea moss but we all know we've tasted some and it was disgusting. Yes I said it! It happened to me before so yes it happens. But Supreme Wellbeing, LLC - that's not us. Let's make that clear! To see sea moss being treated so poorly about the taste but NOT the benefits took me down a journey of not only self-healing but also entrepreneurship.

Let's start with the baiscs: What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a spiny sea plant that’s similar to other seaweeds and algae. The most common variety in commercial products is red and often called Irish moss. Sea Moss: Benefits, Nutrition, and Preparation (

Our sea moss is pretty much that.

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