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I’ve been plant based for 7 years, I started on a self healing journey; because like some people; I had no health insurance.  I became very concerned about sustaining my health and being more conscious of what I put into my body. I studied people such as Dr. Sebi, George Washington Carver, Dr. Llaila Africa and Elijah Muhammad. This lead me to a new holistic way of living and 'eating to live' began to be my new lifestyle.  I'm proud to say I've rejuvenated myself and now I'm on a path daily to manifesting this lifestyle even more & in greater ways.  I’m grateful for the ancestors before me that shared knowledge with us. I know my two feet wouldn't be here without them. As the torch was passed to me, I can now pass to you so we can utilize the information left to us to the optimum level & become


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